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April 7


Out of Orbit

The Art of Wasting Time

April 8



The Secret Life of Wonder

April 9



The Secret Life of Wonder


Out of Orbit

The Art of Wasting Time

April 10


Out of Orbit

The Art of Wasting Time



The Secret Life of Wonder

The Rotunda (Wheelchair Accessible): 4014 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104

(re)FOCUS Fest brings together four theatre ensembles to explore the concept of privilege and to celebrate diversity through shared performance.

Through poetic dialogue, immersive soundscapes, and lyrical movement, Kaleid Theatre, Power Street Theatre Company, [redacted] Theater Company, and TS Hawkins meditate on gender, race, sexuality, class, and everything in between.

(re)FOCUS Fest is a chance to (re)focus on themes that are all around us, but difficult to see, explore, and discuss. It is a celebration of our ability to confront ourselves, learn from each other, and rejoice in the myriad of experiences that make us who we are.

Kaleid Theatre Power Street Theatre Co. [redacted] Theater Company TS Hawkins

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The Rotunda

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Law Office of A. W. Ballard.

Kaleid Theater


Kaleid Theatre Philadelphia Cultural Fund

In history and in myth, we sacrifice humans to win battles, abate crop failure, or maintain peace. Iphigenia was sacrificed for wind to take her father's army to Troy and Jephthah offered his own daughter in exchange for victory in battle. We trade human lives to shape the world and ask for cosmic favors.

Take/Sacrifice explores this space of desire, a landscape littered with those we have sacrificed to secure the things we want. Surrounded by iconic figures and archaeological mysteries, our wishes become reflections of ourselves - what we want from the world, how we want the world to behave, and the lengths we are willing to go to make it so. What do we cling to? What do we want so much that we'll destroy each other for it?

Please note: this production of Take/Sacrifice includes strong language (cursing), verbal descriptions of real life and imagined violent acts, and a few instances of physical violence as well as near nudity.


Pratima Agrawal - Creator-Performer

Jessica Jacob - Creator-Performer

Samia Merritt - Creator-Performer

Rachel O’Hanlon-Rodriguez - Creator-Performer

Adrian Bridges - Composer and Sound-Designer

Ro Gauger - Lighting Designer

Kim Pelle - Sound Technician

Sarah Mitteldorf - Creator-Director

Kaleid Theatre (as in kaleidoscope, as in collide) combines an obsession with language, a compulsion to dance, and a thirst for community knowledge to create new work. The ensemble has presented several new works including: Eurydice in Market East/Eurydice in Grand Central (in Philadelphia and New York), investigating the female narrative, or lack thereof, in a world that aggressively markets a “woman’s identity;” Glow, delving into our human ambivalence about new technology; and Undiscarded, exploring the way that we discard both things and people.

Support for Take/Sacrifice provided in part by The Philadelphia Cultural Fund. Kaleid Theatre is a project of CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia, a charitable 501(c)(3) trust supporting diverse cultural practices in the Philadelphia region.

Power is a difficult thing to give up, and privilege even harder. The imbalances of these dynamics in our society have isolated us like a planet out of Orbit. We have lost the ties that bind us, and until we can learn to work together we will continue floating through space. Lost. We all know it, especially those in power, that equality is non-existent in our society. Told through three generations of stories, poetry, and dance, Power Street Theatre Company's new work tackles what it really means to be on top, and why so many are afraid to fall.


Erlina Ortiz - Creator/Performer

Gabriela Sanchez - Creator/Performer

Diana Rodriguez - Creator/Performer

Asaki Kuruma - Creator

Lexi White - Creator

Power Street Theatre Company (PSTC) was in established in 2012 as a multicultural theatre company dedicated to the mission of engaging and empowering culturally diverse communities in the city of Philadelphia through performing arts and theater- a creative and visionary response to the palpable under-representation of communities of color in performing arts spaces here in Philadelphia and beyond.

PSTC produces and expands platforms for artists from historically marginalized communities to both create and excel in performance spaces. They bring multicultural theatre to neighborhoods, communities, and public spaces where access to the arts is limited. Additionally, they engage audience members in contemporary sociocultural and sociopolitical themes at the interplay of performing arts and reflective community dialogue.

[redacted] Theater Company

The Art of Wasting Time

[redacted] Theater Company

Wake up. Go to school. Wait for Dad to get home. Do homework. Have dinner. Watch TV. Go to sleep. Repeat, ad nauseum. Until one afternoon, a young girl leaves home to meet a nomadic stranger she met on the Internet who promises to show her the meaning of life.

Please note: this production of The Art of Wasting Time contains heavy drinking and references to suicide.


Joshua McLucas - Creator/Performer

Vanessa Ogbuehi - Creator/Performer

Naia Poyer - Creator/Performer

Swift Shuker - Creator/Performer

[redacted] Theater Company is a theater collective composed not just of performers, but painters, musicians, writers, choreographers, and composers. They create ambitious performances through collaboration, and through the juxtaposition of many art forms and many brains. They seek to create intimate spaces and encounters out of the familiar and the strange and to make art that lives forever.

TS Hawkins

The Secret Life of Wonder: a prologue in G

TS Hawkins Logo

The Secret Life of Wonder: a prologue in G highlights the embryonic spark of when all girls gather; soothing one’s aches, sorting each one’s puzzles and sharing one’s triumphs with her chosen collective and explores the spark of womanhood while asking the question, "do our societal truths alter how we embrace ourselves?" Using poetic dialogue, these seven girls journey through their assigned genders and discover how their differences bring them together.


Cheyenne Barboza - Director

TS Hawkins - Writer

Katrina Shobe - Assistant Director

Leah Holleran - Little Girl in Red

Maria Beltre - Little Girl in Orange

Kaitlin Pribulsky - Little Girl in Yellow

Rebekah Sharp - Little Girl in Green

Bianca A. Davies - Little Girl in Blue

Nastassja Baset - Little Girl in Indigo

Kimie Muroya - Little Girl in Violet

Donnell Powell - Father

TS Hawkins plays include two off-Broadway solo works titled Seeking Silence (2011) and Cartons of Ultrasounds (2012) that were created in partnership with Alphabet Arts. Her other short works include: Too Late to Apologize (2013), They’ll Neglect to Tell You (2015), and #RM2B (2015). The Secret Life of Wonder: a prologue in G is her first full length play. Additionally, Hawkins is an international author, performance poet, and educator; her focus is on Art & Digital Literacy for high school aged youth.